Medela Breast Milk Bottle Review

medelaMotherhood is such a strange phenomenon. The first time you lay your eyes on your baby, you crave to protect them from all sorts of harm. You wish to ensure that you provide your child with the best of everything. You take care of all their needs, ranging from nappy changes to feeding them.

While some mothers choose to breastfeed their little ones exclusively, the majority of moms use milk bottles after a certain age or when out in public places. While there is an array of milk bottles on the market to choose from, Medela Breast Milk Bottle is considered to be one of the best.

Compatible with breast pumps 

If you are a mom to an infant, you would be aware of the hassle of pumping milk and transferring it to a milk bottle. With this product, you can bid these troubles goodbye.

It is because this breast milk bottle is compatible with all kinds of Medela breast pumps. Such a feature allows you to pump milk, store it, and feed it to your child via the same container. This feature is a source of convenience for new moms who, with the help of this product, don’t have to worry about transferring milk every time their babies get hungry.

The design ensures safety of the milk 

It is hard to make sure that your breast milk retains its advantageous natural properties for the long run. For this reason, many are faced with situations where the milk spoils due to the lack of proper storage.

With the help of this milk bottle, you can avoid such an issue. It is because the product has been designed in a way to make sure your milk stays fresh for the long term. The masses have appreciated these storage properties.


  • The package includes three bottles, each of which can carry 250 ml of milk, three lids, three silicone nipples which exhibit a medium flow and three wide base collars along with traveling caps
  • The bottles are ideal for kids within the age limit of 4-12 months
  • The components are dishwasher safe
  • The product lacks BPA in its construction
  • The inclusion of colorful milliliter and ounce markings allows you to measure the amount of milk
  • The dimensions of the product are 8.8 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches


  • Secure storage of milk
  • Compatible with breast pumps and hence, convenient to use
  • Guarantees safety for your kids via the lack of use of BPA


  • Not suitable for formula milk
  • The nipple is too soft

Customer reviews and conclusion

Users of this product have appreciated it for the convenience it has succeeded in providing. According to the masses, this bottle has allowed them to store their breast milk for an extended time without the fear of spoilage. Working moms have lauded such a feature.

medelaHowever, many feel that the milk flow of the bottle is quite fast and therefore, it cannot be used for newborns. Moreover, users have reported that the containers are rendered useless once you switch to formula milk since the neck is as wide as the formula scoop, leading to spillage.

Nonetheless, since this product markets itself to be used for babies that fall within the age bracket of 4-12 months, the flow of the milk bottle is made to be compatible with children within this age limit. Moreover, since the product is a breast milk bottle and is not supposed to be used for formula milk, many have been quick to overlook the flaws of the product.

All in all, if you value convenience and providing your child with a safe milk bottle, you should buy the Medela Breast Milk Bottle.