Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with Natural Wave Nipple Review

LansinohThe Lansinoh Momma Feeding Bottle Set consists of 3 bottles, each of 8 oz. These bottles have nipples made up of silicone and are very soft. They are designed especially for those moms who pump and give breast milk to their babies through bottles.

Some moms find it difficult to shift their babies from breastfeeding to bottle feeding as their babies face nipple confusion. These bottles have been designed after years of research to reduce the nipple confusion in babies and to transition the babies smoothly from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

Natural Wave nipple 

As these bottles are specially designed for breastfeeding babies, they are made to mimic the breasts and their function. The Natural Wave nipple has been designed by breastfeeding experts, and they have proven that these nipples reduce nipple confusion and offer an easy latch to the babies. These Natural Wave nipples allow the baby to suck from them naturally as they do while breastfeeding. Thus, a baby who breastfeeds won’t feel any difference while feeding through this bottle. The nipples are very soft and engage the baby in a comfortable feeding routine while providing an easy latch to the baby. The nipple design also contributes to the oral development of the baby.

AVS (Air Ventilation System)

Most regular bottles don’t have a proper air ventilation system, which causes the milk to get oxidized and thus, the nutritional value of the milk decreases. Moreover, if there is no proper air ventilation system in the bottle, the babies will ingest air along with milk and this will cause discomfort.

This bottle uses an advanced AVS that makes the bottle anti-colic in nature and prevents newborn baby issues such as gas, discomfort, and reflux. This AVS also reduces the baby’s intake of air which would otherwise lead to stomach problems and spit-up. The design of the bottle prevents bubble formation and keeps the milk separate from the air.


  • Material: Plastic
  • No. of bottles: 3
  • Volume: 8 oz. each
  • Safety: BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Brand: Lansinoh


  • The nipples of these bottles are clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion in babies.
  • The bottle design contributes to the oral development of the baby.
  • The Natural Wave nipple is very soft and provides an easy latch to the babies.
  • The nipple is very flexible and stretchable.
  • The air ventilation system reduces air intake and allows the baby to ingest more milk.
  • The bottle has an ergonomic design and is very easy to hold.


  • These bottles are not easy to clean.
  • They are not dishwasher safe.

Customer reviews and conclusion

LansinohThe majority of customer reviews are positive regarding this product. Many customers state that this set of bottles solved their problems and saved them from having sleepless nights. These bottles help calm down fussy babies as they are closer to the natural way of feeding. These bottles have helped many moms transition their breastfeeding babies to bottle feeding. One mom stated that she tried many bottles from other brands, but her baby wouldn’t calm down; she only got the solution with this bottle.

The Lansinoh Momma Feeding Bottles are perfect for picky babies who don’t calm down easily while feeding through bottles. These bottles have proven to reduce nipple confusion in many babies as their nipples are very soft and give a natural feel to the babies. The flow of these bottles is very steady, and it prevents choking, spit up, and other feeding issues in babies. The Air Ventilation System also allows the baby to feed peacefully without any discomfort.