Evenflo Feeding Classic Twist Clear Bottles Review

Evenflo Feeding Classic TwistThis Evenflo Feeding Classic Twist Clear Bottles kit is a comprehensive one as it contains six bottles of 8 oz. each. There are two bottles of each color: green, blue, and orange. The bottles are made up of polypropylene and are BPA free. The silicone nipples are very soft and allow the baby to feed comfortably and easily. These bottles are designed to prevent colic problems in newborns and to avoid nipple collapse during feeding, which normally occurs in standard bottles. They have a beautiful design and are very comfortable to hold. These Evenflo Classic Bottles provide an ideal feeding solution for your growing babies.


The Evenflo Classic feeding bottles have a twisted design and are available in three different colors. The bottles are very nicely built and have a sturdy design. They are made for growing babies, and 8 oz. is just the right size. They can contain the maximum amount of milk in them. The polypropylene body is very sturdy and is 100% safe to be used for feeding purposes. The bottle has an ergonomic design and allows the mother to hold it easily in different ways. The body of the bottle allows the mother to have a good grip on the bottle so that the baby can feed comfortably.

Silicone nipple with a micro air vent 

The nipples are very soft and are made up of silicone. They are designed to help the babies ingest milk easily and without any effort. The flow from the nipples is neither too fast nor too slow, that is, just right for newborns and growing babies. The micro air vent on the nipples makes the milk flow steady without causing any bubbles. The nipples of these bottles are very helpful for babies who have gas problems or are colic. The design of the nipples also prevents the collapse that often occurs during feeding.


  • Material: Polypropylene silicone
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Quantity of bottles: Six
  • Colors: Blue, orange, green
  • Volume: 8 oz. each
  • Safety: BPA and latex free, FDA approved


  • These bottles are very affordable.
  • The nipples are very soft and have a micro air vent that allows an easy flow of milk.
  • They are lightweight and have an ergonomic design.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • They are BPA free and FDA approved.
  • The nipple’s design prevents collapse and helps colic babies.


  • They are a bit difficult to clean.
  • The caps split easily.

Customer reviews and conclusions 

The Evenflo bottles are loved by many parents because of their reasonable price range and good quality. These bottles have many positive reviews because of their durability and ease of use. One customer said that the bottle is too narrow and sometimes, it gets difficult to dump the formula milk in it. One customer stated that they are very easy to hold and offer a good grip which makes it easier to feed. Most of the mothers reviewed these bottles and stated that their babies feed in a very comfortable manner and feel relaxed even after feeding. The Evenflo bottles have helped reduce the gastric problems in newborns too.

The Evenflo Feeding Classic Bottles are very affordable, yet they don’t look cheaply designed. They are sturdy, and the nipples have the perfect design that prevents nipple collapse during feeding. These bottles also help colic babies and make it easier for them to ingest milk. The micro air vent reduces bubble formation and allows the milk to flow smoothly and steadily so that the babies enjoy a natural feeding process.