Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set Review

Dr. Brown's Original BottleDr. Brown’s Newborn Feeding Set is the perfect choice for all newborns as it is a BPA-free polypropylene set and uses innovative technology to ease feeding. This feeding set consists of three 8 oz. bottle feeders, two 4 oz. bottles, five nipples of level 1, two nipples of level 2, three cleaning brushes, and two storage packs. Thus, it is a comprehensive set and contains all the products that new mothers need to feed their babies. You can keep the bottles at home or take them along with you on trips. These bottles will feed your baby in the best way.


Two-piece internal vent system

The bottles in this feeding set are fully-vented to allow your baby to access the milk easily and smoothly. The feeding system of these bottles mimics breastfeeding and allows the baby to have a hassle-free feeding. The bottle contains a channel which is present inside it and is connected to a pipe. This positive-pressure feeding system ensures that there are no bubbles present in the bottle during feeding. The internal vent system prevents colic, burping, spitting up, and gas problems in newborns. This two-piece internal vent system also creates a no-vacuum system that allows for a smooth and easy flow of milk through the nipple.

Prevents oxidation of nutrients

The design of these feeding bottles keeps the air separate from the formula or milk. This separation of milk and air is made to prevent oxidation of the nutrients. To provide a more nutrient-rich feeding option to the newborns, these bottles have been designed to keep the air and milk separate. The contact of air with the milk or formula can cause oxidation, and this can cause the nutrients in the milk to break down. These bottles are designed to retain vitamins such as vitamins C, A, and E so that your baby gets a balanced diet.


  • Material: Polypropylene, silicone
  • Brand: Dr. Brown’s
  • Technology: Two-piece internal vent system
  • Recommended ages: 0 and up
  • Wash: Dishwasher safe, can be sterilized


  • Helps retain nutrients
  • Positive-pressure system allows a vacuum-free feeding
  • Prevents feeding problems such as gas, spitting, and burping
  • Free of BPA, lead, phthalate, and PVC
  • Comprehensive set
  • Helps prevent fluid in the air
  • Very easy to use
  • Bottles have a sturdy and durable design
  • Bottles seal very well


  • Bottles are difficult to clean and wash
  • Some issues of leakage
  • They are a bit messy because of too many components
  • Customer reviews and conclusions

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding SetAccording to the customers, this bottle set is very useful and is ideal for feeding newborns. The bottles provide a good latch and help calm down colic babies. One mother reviewed this bottle and stated that it is a life saver as before buying it, her baby couldn’t sleep all night. This bottle set helps prevent feeding problems such as spitting up, reflux, burping, and gas. One customer stated that the bottle could leak and thus, it is necessary to close it tightly before feeding. Overall, this bottle set has positive reviews as it is very effective in preventing different feeding problems and providing babies with easy access to their food.

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set is ideal for helping newborns get all the nutrients they need to grow. It is a comprehensive bottle set and includes all the bottles and nipples that are needed from time to time. These bottles are also very portable, and you can take one or two of them with you on your trips.