Comotomo Baby Bottle Review

Comotomo Baby Bottle

Being a mother is an amazing feeling. As you hold your baby in your arms, you wish to ensure that no evil ever comes near your little one. You want to make sure that everything that your child is provided with is safe and the best of the best, even if such a thing is a small milk bottle.

There is an array of baby bottles available for you to choose from. However, not all containers are accepted by infants, especially when you are still breastfeeding them. Therefore, it is important to select the product carefully. If you are looking for a clean and high-quality milk bottle, the Comotomo Baby Bottle may be the best bottle for you and your baby.

Low rejection rate by babies 

One of the major concerns of mothers when they buy a milk bottle is whether their babies would drink from it. Since babies are used to breastfeeding, there can be instances where they refuse to drink from a foreign object.

Comotomo realizes this concern and has come up with a product to ensure that the rejection rate by babies is minimal. Such a feature is achieved by designing the milk bottles to mimic the breastfeeding process. Therefore, the product can make sure that your baby drinks from the milk bottle. Not only is such a feature great for the baby, but it is also highly convenient for mothers.

Safe for your babies 

Every mother wishes to make sure that everything that surrounds her kids is safe and hygienic. This product provides you with such a guarantee by using 100% safe silicon in the construction of the milk bottles, including the nipple. This ensures that your baby’s safety is guaranteed when drinking from the product.

Moreover, the product is safe to be heated in microwaves and boiling water and to be washed in sterilizers or dishwasher. This feature not only makes sure that the product is safe to use at all times, but it is also a source of convenience for mothers who could warm the milk or wash the product in a variety of ways.


  • The product exhibits a wide neck to allow for easy cleaning without the need of a brush
  • The product features dual anti-colic vents which reduce the chances of colic
  • The bottle weighs 11.4 ounces
  • The dimensions of the container are 5.2 x 2.6 x 6 inches


  • Reasonable price
  • Babies readily accept the bottle
  • The soft bottom part of the bottle allows for better interaction with the baby


  • The top is hard to screw on properly
  • The readings on the bottle are hard to read

Customer reviews and conclusion

Most users have raved about the quality and performance of the product. Many mothers have reported that their babies respond well to the milk bottle, and the easy cleaning feature of the product has been a source of convenience for them. Moreover, many have reported the bottles to be extremely durable and, hence, a likely choice of the masses.

Comotomo Baby BottleHowever, while the product is perfect for slightly older babies, some users feel that the flow of the bottle is such that it may not be suitable for newborns. Moreover, the lid of the bottle is quite unstable and topples off which undermines the convenience that the product provides.

All in all, since the majority of the users have appreciated the product for its value-added features, the flaws of the bottle can be worked around. If you wish to provide your baby with a safe and hygienic bottle which has higher chances of being accepted by your little one, you should buy the Comotomo Baby Bottle. You will not be disappointed.